Africa!Ignite is one of KwaZulu-Natal's leading rural development agencies.
We use our extensive rural footprint to partner with communities, especially woman and youths, so that they can participate fairly in the economy and society and make their voices heard.

We help mothers and grandmothers to provide for children

We Tell Stories

We help youths to reach for their dreams

We ignite rural enterprise

Introduction to programmes

Introduction to Programmes

In 2012, Africa!Ignite is four years old. More than ever before, we are now able to make a real and lasting difference to the lives of KwaZulu-Natal’s rural citizens; particularly its women and youths. Africa!Ignite is one of KwaZulu-Natal’s leading rural development agencies, thanks to our strong rural partnerships and access to an extensive footprint of rural development nodes and a network of trained youths and adults across the province. These include rural youths trained as researchers; youth development workers; water and sanitation outreach workers and journalists, photographers and storytellers.

Our programmes ignite the potential of youths, mothers and grandmothers who provide for their families. We help them to earn a decent living; develop useful skills; make their voices heard; improve their health and quality of life, and market their products and services. Enterprise development, women’s and/or youth development are an integral part of all these programmes.

Our ability to implement effective programmes is largely due to the strong support of like-minded funding and implementing partners. Africa!Ignite and our partners continuously seek to establish new partnerships that will enable us to take on new challenges and exponentially expand the impact of our support.