Africa!Ignite is one of KwaZulu-Natal's leading rural development agencies.
We use our extensive rural footprint to partner with communities, especially woman and youths, so that they can participate fairly in the economy and society and make their voices heard.

We help mothers and grandmothers to provide for children

We Tell Stories

We help youths to reach for their dreams

We ignite rural enterprise


WowZulu Marketplaces

Since 2010, Africa!Ignite and its partners have established vibrant ‘WOWZULU Marketplaces’ in recognised tourist destinations across KwaZulu-Natal; as an additional strategy to alleviate poverty and ignite rural enterprise. The contemporary; colourful ‘WOWZULU Marketplaces,’ combine craft sales with vibrant cultural experiences and attractions such as coffee shops, story-telling, rural home stays and opportunities to learn craft techniques.

Existing WOWZULU Marketplaces at Lake Eland on Oribi Gorge, Isandlwana Museum in the Battlefields, Zulu Croc near Hluhluwe and King Shaka International sell the products of isolated rural crafters and showcase the best of KwaZulu-Natal’s proud craft traditions; its Zulu culture, people, music, stories and landscapes. Africa!Ignite and its partners intend to establish WOWZULU Marketplaces across KwaZulu-Natal and beyond.

Each WOWZULU Marketplace is operated by local entrepreneurs as a for-profit business. Africa!Ignite and other support partners provide and equip the structure, supply branding, signeage, marketing materials and point-of-sale stands. We also provide training, help with product development, assist with financial management, help create tourist experiences and provide mentoring and support.

Click here or visit the WOWZULU Website on WWW.WOWZULU.CO.ZA to find out more.